Soft Toast Bread and Poached Eggs Mats

$24.99 9.99

Who doesn’t want to gift their pets a beautiful mattress and blanket? Pets require as much attention as humans do, so it’s important to treat them once in a while. This time, why not spend a few bucks on our extremely adorable and cozy bed mat and blanket? Bed has been given a slice of bread design which attracts your pet dog and cat to relax on, while poached egg mat, as delicious as it looks can be an adorable mat/covering for your pet. It looks very eye pleasing and prevents your pets from lying on the floor or climbing on your furniture.

  • Crystal Velvet material which doesn’t tear or damage
  • Easily washable without shedding color or texture
  • Vibrant color choice gives it a realistic look
  • Comfortable, relaxing and attractive
  • Can easily accommodate multiple pets
  • Portable and easy to move
  • Weighs only 345g/90g