Waterproof USB Charging Travel School Sport Backpack

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This is no ordinary school bag but a complete package for sports enthusiasts, students and backpackers. Large number of compartments for storing everything from pens, diaries, chargers, cords, phones, tablets to full blown laptops, documents – you name it, there’s literally a compartment for everything. Additionally, a USB interface is provided so you can charge your devices on the go. This makes it the best choice for frequent travelers and campers. Its construction follows premium Oxford material with soft handle and polyester lining, thereby presenting an elegant and aesthetically pleasing design. Waterproofing is provided to protect it against rain and spillage etc. Composition is solid and sturdy and there’s no way it is going to damage or tear unless you go really really wrong with it!

  • Oxford and Polyester material
  • Zipper included
  • Can carry 36-55 litres
  • Beautiful patch work included
  • Various interior compartments
  • Fashionable and trendy