15.6" Business Casual Laptop Backpack

$39.99 39.99

Carrying your laptop to office can be a painful experience especially if you do not have the right bag. Those brief case style laptops do not have shoulder straps so carrying them is a bit difficult as you get tired. Similarly, shoulder strap bags for laptop generally come in a funky design which gives an impression as if you are a high school student. However, our business casual laptop backpack is absolutely meant for those who want to look professional. It has a premium vibe about it and the design is absolutely marvelous. Nylon material is used thoroughly which makes it comfortable to hold and wear. Shoulder straps are well designed to keep your shoulders at rest. Hook handle is also provided so that you can carry it the way you want. It features various compartments for keeping laptop peripherals and keeps laptop in place. Solid bedding keeps its contents safe and protected.

  • Zipper closure makes it easy to unravel
  • Nylon soft backpack material does not overburden your back
  • Hard handle allows firm grip
  • Relieves shoulders and puts them at ease
  • Professional and elegant design