Laptop Backpack USB Charging Anti Theft Travel Backpack

$29.99 29.99

If you are a frequent traveler and travel with a lot of items, this is definitely the best pick for you. Laptop Backpack USB charging anti-theft travel backpack contains a number of compartments for housing your valuable items. Since your items are dear to you and their security is paramount, a security alarm is located which blares loudly in the event of theft. Various compartments include computer bags compartment to keep your laptop, interlayer bag compartment to put your gadgets, electronics bag slot to store your iPad, tablets, smartphones etc. Similarly, there are large capacity and small bag compartments included as well. USB interface is provided so you can plug in your smartphone, tablet, headphones etc. The composition is quite strong and sturdy, ensuring it does not tear or break due to weight.

  • Main material: Polyester
  • Soft straps and handle
  • Security alarm
  • Various compartments
  • USB interface
  • Zipper
  • 20-35 litres capacity
  • Cell phone pocket included
Zipper closure