Automatic Clamping 10W Car Wireless Charger

$39.99 $28.99 28.99

Everyone who drives a car has a car phone holder which on the one hand helps them navigate without physically holding the phone, and on the other hand recharge the phone as well. But this automatic clamping charger is no ordinary charger. It features a beautiful design in gold and silver colors and offers automatic clamping which means it is way easier to fix it to your car. You don’t need wires, cords anymore since it offers wireless charging. Just leave your phone on it and continue driving, you can open up maps and navigate your way home and at the same time have your phone recharged at a faster pace. 10W already means the charging speeds are quite fast and it is also compatible with all phone brands be it Motorola, Xiaomi, Apple, SAMSUNG or MEIZU, Huawei and Nokia.

  • PC+ABS vacuum plating
  • Elegant Gold and Silver color
  • Supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
  • Grips your phone properly
  • Compact size
  • Silicone pad included to protect your phone
  • Clamped/fixed installation
Overcharge/overvoltage/short circuit protection provided