Tissue Muscle Massage Gun

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Sedentary lifestyle contributed by desk jobs and general laziness results into muscle aches. These spasms can be located anywhere from neck and shoulders to the spine and buttocks. Other than that, sports injuries and workout accidents can also lead to similar stiffness and perpetual pains if not taken care of. Tissue muscle massage gun is a very handy utility for people dealing with muscle and bones aches. It features an ergonomic design and is fit for any kind of muscle or bone pain located anywhere in your body. Multiple massage heads are provided to treat spine, neck and shoulder region, biceps, triceps and trigger points. It is very portable and easy to operate. Results are exceptional and it saves exorbitant medical bills as well.

  • Premium plastic design which is durable and aesthetic
  • 4 massage heads for superior deep tissue massage
  • Relieves tension and spasms in one go
  • 3 speed levels
  • Rubbery and firm grip