Pet Space Capsule Backpack

$39.99 39.99

Going outside for a stroll or traveling vast stretches of land with your pet cat often turns out differently than planned. Cats have this habit of running away, heading to the wrong direction or chasing things they see. You can’t have a leash on your cat as it looks unethical so you end up running after it. To fix this, we have introduced pet space capsule backpack which features a solid design and various air vents to make allow the air flow into it. It has a perspective window bulge from where your cat can peek outside and enjoy the scene. Flannel pad provides a soft and comfortable surface for your cat to rest on. Breathable grid and various holes are provided to ensure proper air circulation. It makes it easy for you to go outdoors without worrying about your cat. You can focus more on what you came out for.

  • Comfortable shoulder straps and handle
  • Thoroughly breathable
  • Various holes included
  • Perspective window to keep the cat occupied
  • Comfortable interior
  • Zipper closure
  • Easier to carry
  • Can be used for both cats and dogs